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We have expertise in all aspects of primary and excess residential and commercial property insurance, as well as general commercial liability, trucking liability and other specialty insurance products. We provide coverage counsel to both domestic and international insurers on a variety of complex coverage issues important to the industry.



In addition to advising clients on, and litigating, coverage disputes, we have significant experience defending insurers against allegations of bad faith claims handling, statutory violations of the insurance code, and other extra-contractual liability matters. We have tried complex cases to successful verdicts and are ready, willing and able to do so wherever and whenever our skills are needed.



We have years of experience investigating and defending claims asserted against licensed professional individuals and entities. We have defended a wide variety of professionals across the country in malpractice actions involving architects and engineers, real estate agents, and insurance agents and brokers, among others.



We have represented a wide array of participants in design and construction projects large and small. We have experience in prosecuting and defending all types of construction claims, including payment disputes, delay claims, differing site conditions, construction and design defects, and related matters. We have handled these claims in pre-litigation alternative dispute resolution, arbitrations, and trials. We also have experience in dealing with the common industry contract forms and in negotiating and drafting custom construction contracts and other key transactional documents. Additionally, we have expertise in managing the multitude of complex issues facing surety bonding companies, including performance and payment bond claims resolution, drafting of completion contracts, takeover agreements, and counseling and negotiating sureties through default terminations. Our expertise also includes defending surety claims and pursuing affirmative claims arising from contract and other commercial surety bonds.



We also have substantial experience in protecting a surety's rights as creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. We have handled numerous matters on behalf of sureties from stem to stern, including filing proofs of claim and ensuring the most recovery possible, to litigating and trying non-dischargeability actions.

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